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Apr 29

Going Out SHEP Style: Authors, condom projects, awards, and more

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 in Sexy Saturdays, UC Berkeley

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We recently had our final Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) seminar of the semester and traditional end of semester potluck. For the past several semesters we have had an aphrodisiac themed potluck with various forms of entertainment from group presentations, games, to talent shows. However, this semester I decided to do things slightly different and invited Danielle Sepulveres, author of Losing It: The Semi-scandalous story of an ex-virgin, to join us. I’ve discussed this book in an earlier article,  Losing It: A look at Cervical Health Through the Eyes of An Ex-Virgin

Author Danielle Sepulveres poses with SEXperts who won free copies her book, Losing It: The semi-scandalous story of an ex-virgin

Author Danielle Sepulveres poses with SEXperts who won free copies her book, Losing It: The semi-scandalous story of an ex-virgin

Though on a book tour she took time to come chat with my SEXperts at UC Berkeley! Danielle shared a  little about the experience that lead her to write a book on being diagnosed Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) cervical cancer form. She also chatted a bit about how life has changed since publishing a personal story and answered questions. The SEXperts were interested specifically in how disclosing a personal matter in such a public way may have changed how her loved ones view her.

Danielle was kind enough to bring along books to giveaway. She decided that the SEXperts who came up with the best Sexy Names (a name alliteration activity that SHEP is well-known for; e.g., Rockstar Robin) for her and a friend she had with her would win the books. The SEXperts came up several great options. Some names were raunchy such as “Dick Me Down Danielle” while others were sweet like “Delicious Danielle.” Sadly, I do not recall which 3 sexy names won.

First ever  Official SEXpert Certificate!

First ever Official SEXpert Certificate!

As part of our traditional potluck we usually hold the SHEPIs, an award ceremony with varying levels of recognition. The students are given the opportunity to recognize their peers for career-based aspirations, personality traits, knowledge and more. The peer-based awards are meant to be fun. As the staff coordinator, I tend to recognize students that stood out for one reason or another. This semester was no exception. SEXpert Jasmine was recognized for being the SEXPert with the most growth, while Lucero was recognized as the most dedicated and responsible SEXpert. Student Leader, Summer, was recognized for being the Student Leader to make the most growth during her time in SHEP. If  that wasn’t exciting enough, this year along with the standard SHEPIs, we also recognized those students who went above and beyond the minimum program requirements to earn the first ever SHEP completion certificates making them official SEXperts. That’s super HOT!

We certainly had an interesting and intriguing year here in the Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP). In addition to having Danielle join us, and presenting the first official SEXpert awards, the SEXperts shared their final Insertive Condom group projects.  This exciting project deserves its own blog article which is coming soon. Until next time…


Keep it safe and sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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Apr 21

Gaining the power back

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2014 in Guest blogger, UC Berkeley

Shep_logo rainbow transparent How much have you heard about sexual assault prevention here on the UC Berkeley campus? Other than protecting yourself, do you know how to handle a situation that just feels off? If you are like me, the chances are that the only time someone has address the topic of sexual assault here on campus was when you had to complete the EmpowerU requirement your first semester in Berkeley. Now how many students can honestly say that they paid attention to the whole presentation and can reiterate the information?

Lucero sex assault


My thoughts regarding the current state of sexual assault prevention efforts on campus is that there is a lot more that can be done. It feels like the students only hear of sexual assault when it is already too late and someone close to them or themselves have been affected. Do the students understand which resources and the process of a sexual assault case go through here on campus? I know the resources on campus but it’s sad to hear that the majority of students are not that lucky. I would like to see more efforts done to prevent sexual assault. I understand that April is sexual assault month but how many know this?

Both of my experience with EmpowerU were informative and beneficial. Not only did I relearn the steps to prevent sexual assault for myself but for others. The workshops still has the same effect on me even though it has been little over a year. The videos used throughout the presentation are impacting and explicit show the signs of someone in trouble. The other videos shows how anyone can be affected by sexual assault and it empowers others to speak out for there are others who can relate.

The EmpowerU video will impact the campus positively for the video will be available for anyone to review and access. We are living in a technology based society, where social medias are spreading messages and information. Social medias reach more students faster and also has the benefit of reaching other people in the world. The new EmpowerU video has the capacity to inform various students on sexual assault and how to take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening.

One thing that I personally will do to prevent sexual assaults is by spreading the word. I will making myself available for anyone that wishes to talk and I can also host workshops at the resident halls as part of spreading the word. By participation in events throughout the month of April where I can ask others to join me in bring awareness on the issues that surround us. To create a safe community where the sexual assault can be addressed and resources provided will be the best way to spread the word among our society. Together we can bring power to our voices. Lucero for grp blog

“Lustful” Lucero, UC Berkeley SEXpert


Apr 8

Drinking Watermelon: What Beyonce is singing about

Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logo  Given that April is Alcohol Awareness Month and the increasingly popular song, Drunk in Love by Beyonce, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put my 2 cents in regarding the somewhat ambiguous line “I been drinkin’ watermelon…” It was only a matter of time.

First, let me give props where they are due – Beyonce did the damn thing as a Black woman! I’m proud of the fact that she shut down iTunes when she released her latest album this past December without any prior album marketing or promotions! Good job, Bey! Second reason to give her props here is that this album is lyrically superior to previous albums – or so I’m told – I’m actually not a big fan of a Beyonce. However, I am also partially basing this on the numerous articles that popped up during my search to learn what Beyonce is talking about when she delivers that oh so intriguing line about drinking watermelon in Drunk in Love. This song has been on the billboard charts for the past 15 weeks, reaching as high as 2nd place. More importantly, the song is my 3 year-olds favorite song right now, so when I read somewhere that Beyonce may be singing about drinking sperm – my mommy censor went off. With good conscience, I could not let my daughter run around singing about drinking sperm.  In contrast, the Sexologist in me was more interested in the song and Beyonce than ever before.

What is Beyonce singing about? Anyone who has ever tried watermelon knows there are often tons of seeds which you may end up SS drunk in loveswallowing. According to Urban Dictionary, “drinking watermelon” reference to drinking a male’s seed, or sperm. While some people think Beyonce is referring to swallowing Jay’s metaphorical “seed,” others think the line is a cultural reference because she is Black and all Black people love watermelon – or so the stereotype goes. I reject both of these ideas as being ridiculous, especially when you put the song into context. After pulling the song lyrics and carefully reading and analyzing them I am almost 100% sure that when Beyonce sings that she has been “drinking watermelon” that she is in fact, singing about an alcoholic beverage – not drinking her husband’s sperm.

In the first verse, Beyonce opens with “I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking. I get filthy when that liquor get into me…” A few lines later in the first verse, she continues “…why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby I want you…” This is the initial reference that the song is about sex under the influence of alcohol. If that wasn’t clear enough, the hook comes in with her singing “…drunk in love, we be all night…” While I could go through this song line by line and break it down that is not necessary to prove the watermelon line is about a beverage and not sperm.  When researching the possibilities of what the line means, I came across a drink recipe that gives the exact ingredients Beyonce sings about – Armand de Brignac, D’Usse, and watermelon juice or vodka, depending on which recipe you choose, either way the name of the drink is, wait for it…WATERMELON. “Boy, I’m drinking. Get my brain right. Armand de Brignac. Gangsta wife…” this is a reference to the first ingredient in the above mentioned drink. Armand de Brignac is an expensive champagne. From previous songs we know that Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are into the finer things in life such as champagne. When hubby Jay comes in, he raps “that “D’Usse is the ****. If I do say so myself.” Not only is D’Usse the 2nd ingredient in SS drunk in love 2the Watermelon drink, but also a high end cognac made by Bacardi for which Jay-Z is the official celebrity spokesperson. Shameless plug? Last hint that the song is about an alcoholic beverage comes in the final verse which includes the now infamous line in the last verse of the song:

I been sippin’ that’s the only thing that keeping me on fire, me on fire

Didn’t mean to spill that liquor all on my attire

I been drinking watermelon

I want your body right here, daddy I want you, right now…

Though I understand why some people think this song is about swallowing and drinking sperm now that I know what “drinking watermelon” can also mean. However, Beyonce is clearly referring to a watermelon based drink, hence the word “liquor”. So, there you have it – debate settled! Interesting fact, there is a new waterless drink, WTRMLN WTR, that claims to boost libido as a result of high levels of Citrulline – an amino acid said to relax and dilate blood vessels. WTRMLN WTR is made of pressed fresh melons and rinds. This sounds like a drink I’m going to have to try! Unfortunately, this drink has just made it to the West Coast and I have yet to find it.

Noticeably, I have not addressed the larger issues with this song – the fact that there are multiple references to sex under the influence which brings up the question of ability to consent in California, not being able to recall what occurred during sex which is never okay, as well as a reference that may be understood to many as intimate partner violence. Guess what, April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Maybe I’ll take a look at this song through that lens soon. Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe and sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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Apr 4

Self-Directed STI Testing Comes to Tang!

Posted on Friday, April 4, 2014 in Sexy Saturdays, UC Berkeley

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoDid you hook up with someone and now you’re not sure if you have an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)? Or has it been a while since your last STI check? If you’re answer is “yes” to either question posed you are in luck!!!! You can get tested for STIs at the Tang Center without scheduling an appointment. How? Using the new University Health Services, Tang Center Self-Directed STI Testing option, that’s how. We’ve been working on this new service for 3+ years and not it’s finally come to fruition. I, for one, am super excited about this new service and testing option!

Self-Directed STI Testing is available to all UC Berkeley students regardless of having enrolled in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  However, if you are hoping to use this new service you will need to have an eTang Portal email address, which can be setup online at your convenience. While there are many STIs that you could be exposed to the new self-directed testing option is limited to the following common tests and sample collections:

  1. HIV anti-body test using a blood sample SS STD image
  2. Chlamydia test using a urine sample
  3. Gonorrhea test using a urine sample

This new service is great for students who are at low-risk. Low-risk students include students who do not have any current physical symptoms. Is that you?  This service is not intended to replace medical appointments, but rather to serve as an additional screening tool for STIs.  This service is not recommended if you are experiencing any symptoms that may be associated with STIs such as a rash, itching, unusual discharge from the vagina or anus, or other common symptom. If you fall in this latter camp, I encourage you to schedule a medical appointment to be seen and obtain treatment, if necessary. I would also encourage you to schedule a Health and Wellness coaching appointment if you are not sure why you think you are at risk for an STI or if you would like information on how to prevent STIs in the future.  If you were the victim of a sexual assault or think you should get tested because you had sex while you were high or drunk and cannot recall if you used a condom or dental dam you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with our Social Services staff.

Right now could not be a better time to launch the University Health Services, Tang Center Self-Directed (STI) Testing as April is STD (sexually transmitted disease) Awareness Month! It is always a good idea to know your STI status, especially if you plan on being sexual with others. Happy testing!  Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe and sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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