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Mmm, Tasty!

Posted on Saturday, March 30, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess LogoWelcome to the last Sexy Saturdays on sexual debuts. Today I’ll look at concerns and expectations with oral sex debuts. Oral sex includes mouth to vulva, penis, or anus. Mmm, tasty!  Or is it? That brings me to the most common concern I’m asked about: what do genitals smell and taste like? I’ve cleaned up the way this question is usually posed. This question of smell and taste is often both a concern and an expectation. The person who is experiencing the receiving side of oral sex is usually the one concerned about what their genitals may smell or taste like to their partner.  How considerate. On the flip side, the person experiencing giving oral sex for the first time may have expectations that their partner’s genitals are going to smell or taste a certain way. More often than not, I find people are shocked to discover that vulvas don’t smell sweet like roses and taste like candy despite what several feminine hygiene products spend money trying to get you to believe.

If you are planning an oral debut soon and you’re concerned about the smell and taste of your genitals I suggest cleaning your lady or male parts beforehand. Genitals are located in a rather hot spot – no pun intended. As a result, some genitals tend to have a salty taste and smell. A little cleaning may also be good for a penis that has been “shaking” urine off all day. I’m just saying…If you are having this debut with a female there may be vaginal discharge present which may have a slight odor to it. For the record discharge is a good thing, so no need to douche it away – it lets you know the vagina is working and has cleaned itself out just for you. If you don’t mind or even enjoy the smell of hot sweaty genitals don’t let me yuck your yum. I know many people who prefer their partner “au natural.”

If your concern is with the taste of your bodily fluids, you can make them taste better by choosing to eat healthy foods. This is true for ejaculate and other bodily fluids secreted during sexual play.  Fruits and vegetables have been shown to make bodily fluids taste sweeter. Certain foods work better for this such as pineapples, melons, cinnamon, parsley, and celery. Drink water daily. Consider cutting down the amount of red meats, junk food, and heavy spices you eat as these foods tend to make bodily fluids taste a bit more pungent.

The second most common concern is related to technique. Specifically, I’m asked about deep throating penises and where exactly to lick a vulva or anus. If you are interested in a “deep throating” debut, like many other behaviors, I suggest starting small and working your way up to the penis size of your choice. One quick tip for this is to use your toothbrush to relax the muscles associated with your gagging. Each time you brush your teeth include your tongue and go a little farther back each time. This will gradually help to relax your gag reflex. When you’re ready to deep throat a penis or phallic object, try leaning backwards over a couch or bed that allows your throat to be open at a straight angle. With practice this gets easier and you can try different positions.

As for where to lick or suck a vulva, penis, or anus during oral sex, the best advice I can give is to ask your partner. Some peopless13 oral sex debut prefer to have partners focus on particular parts such as the clitoris or head of the penis, while others prefer minimal direct stimulation of these parts. If your partner is unaware of which parts they’d like stimulated orally, this can make for a fun debut! The two or more of you can explore what feels good where and how much of a good thing your partner can take. For safer oral sex debuts remember to use flavored condoms on penises and phallic toys. Dental dams are great for practicing safer oral sex on vulvas and anuses.

We’ve covered quite a few debuts this month however; there are several more debuts a person can have with regard to sex. For any sexual debut remember that communication and planning is generally a good idea. Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe ‘n sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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