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Costumes and Gay Pride: What’s the connection?

Posted on Saturday, July 6, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays, UC Berkeley

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoWelcome to another Sexy Saturday. I went to San Francisco gay PRIDE parade and celebration last weekend and had a fantastic, yet, very different experience than in past years. Not because of the floats or record number of people; it was different because of my thoughts.

I do my best to keep a sex positive attitude and I tried to maintain it throughout PRIDE. However, a few times I found myself wondering about some of the fashion choices displayed. I’m not writing about the half-naked folks. No, I enjoyed that immensely! The fashion choices that baffled me and tested my sex positive attitude were the many costumes worn by parade attendees. Costumes at PRIDE are not new at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing costumes when appropriate – Halloween, Folsom Street Fair, theme parties, with and for partners.Furries at SF PRIDE 2013

While entertaining, costumes are more about fetishes, role-playing, and pleasure than sexual orientation. My understanding is that PRIDE is a celebration of same-sex love. Given the recent SCOTUS and California state rulings regarding same-sex marriage -not to mention the timing- I feel like gay people are under a larger microscope than in recent years. I’m not sure if some of the costumes worn send the best message regarding lesbian, gay, and bisexual folks. This is especially mind-boggling to me when I think of the many lesbian and gay people who have had to put on heterosexual “costumes” for far too long to avoid discrimination and possible violence.

Obviously I’ve failed to fully see the connection between wearing costumes and celebrating same-sex love. Sure, gay people can also enjoy wearing costumes, but what is the connection to having gay PRIDE? I sort of get the reference to super hero costumes given theShaved Body Hair guy at PRDIE 2013 recent wins for same-sex marriage. I would get the “fairy” costumes more if there had been man fairies. Then I could see the play on the word.  However, I’m still struggling to understand the connection between the furries, plushies, and fully naked men with artistically shaved body hair to mention a few. If the connection is fetish related – which I don’t believe it is – Folsom Street Fair is more appropriate. I find it hard to take people in costume serious if it’s not Halloween or one of the other aforementioned occasions. I believe that love is serious for everyone regardless of orientation. I’m just saying. Or maybe I’m getting old.

While I was a bit puzzled by the costumes, overall this year’s PRIDE celebration was freaking awesome! The parade was super long. It was going when I arrived around 11am and was still going when I left around 4:30pm. The penis from the program I coordinate (Sexual Health Education Program) at UC Berkeley was in the parade with the Berkeley Free Clinic. The festivities following the parade were fun. The food was good as usual. I had a somewhat good position to see the parade perched atop a mini-pole in front of where the cable cars turn around. While perched several Asian men took my picture. Maybe they’ve never seen a Black woman as sexy as me. Just playing…sort of. Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe ‘n sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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  1. Observant says:

    I agree, I don’t get the furry costumes, but the shaved guy with the happy face. I like…think of the pain he endured…lol


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