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Cunt: Vulvalicious or Derogatory?

Posted on Saturday, September 7, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays, UC Berkeley

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoRecently I’ve had several opportunities to chat about the word “cunt” with my students at UC Berkeley and San Ramon College. Given that cunt is one of my favorite words, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my students shared appreciation for it…well for the most part. This makes me feel that the social climate among young folks is ripe and now would be a great time to try to reclaim cunt again. I say again because many others have tried to reclaim cunt with no major progress. However, I’d like to believe that each attempt has contributed in some way to the current cultural climate in which young people can have “cunt love” as one of my Berkeley students likes to say.

Cunt was originally used to refer to the female external genitals, or vulva. It’s a popular word that appears in many languages including German, French, Spanish, English and more. Though the spelling may change somewhat with each language. I’m not really sure who used it first, although I believe it was Germans. By the time cunt made it to modern English language it was still used to refer to the female genitals yet held derogatory connotations. At one point, cunt was thought to be one of the worst words you could use in English, if not the worst.

By referring to women as cunts, people effectively reduced women to no more than our genitals. I don’t know about other women, but I am not just a hole existing solely for the pleasure of others, men especially. I am so much more, yet, I do have a cunt – a lovely one!Cunt

I think of cunt as a multi-use and purpose word. As a sexologist and sexual health educator, I like the word cunt as an alternative to vulva.  However, in classes and workshops I tend to use vulva as not many people have heard it and it provides a teachable moment. I also use it more in these settings because it is more appropriate when discussing sexual health.

When I’m not in health educator mode, I love cunt for the shock factor. Don’t believe me? Refer to your own or some females genitals as a cunt and see what kind of reaction you get. The reaction may be one of shock and/or disbelief that you actually said cunt. Either way, the reaction will likely be immediate. Sometimes I like to use cunt to piss people off. When I was young my godfather taught me to use it as an acronym to describe folks who Can’t Understand Normal Thinking – in fact, this was my first understanding of the word. As an acronym it equally applies to males, females, and anyone else acting like an idiot. In fact, in French cunt alternatively meant to describe idiot like behavior. I don’t know if this is still true.

As a sex positive womanist, I like that attempts to reclaim cunt have largely been directed at women owning our sex and sexuality. With more young people embracing sex positivity, I certainly hope to see this meaning and association of cunt excel over the next few years.  The next time I’m offered oral sex and I want it, I’ll proudly say “yes, I’d love for you to lick my cunt.” Until next Saturday…

Keep It Safe ‘n Sexy,
Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess

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