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Power of Peeking

Posted on Saturday, September 14, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoOver the past couple of weeks I’ve been teaching my students about reproductive anatomy and pleasure physiology. I am amazed that although society seems to be moving in a more sex positive direction, many people are overly concerned with the appearance of their genitals, or may not even know what they look like. The latter concerns me more. If you’re one of these people this article is for you. Every semester I’m approached after the anatomy sections and asked if it is normal to look a certain way – having a vulva with longer inner lips (labia minora) than the outer lips (labia majora), a large clitoris, or maybe the head of your penis is larger than you’d like it to be. I’m also approached by people who have yet to check out their genitals. Rest assured that much like a snowflake no 2 genitals are the same, yet each is beautiful in its own unique way and certainly worth a gander at least once.

I love my cunt – did I shock you by using that word? I love my cunt for tons of reasons that I will not bore you with right now. I look at it often. I’ve been known to absentmindedly rest my hand on my vulva in public places and at work.  However, until my late teens my vulva and I had a much different relationship – I touched it…well I’d touched my clitoris quite a bit but never looked at my vulva. Then one day my mom suggested that I take a mirror and check it out. That was great advice! Knowing what my cunt looks like made a huge difference in how I felt about myself as a sexual being. I began to appreciate and embrace my vulva.  I’ve even named my cunt – no, I won’t be disclosing her name.

Though my mother was not and is not a sexual health educator, her suggestion to look at my genitals, though practical was genius!mirror for ss 5 Now, I suggest it to my students, clients, and anyone else who discloses to me that they have never checked their genitals. Your physical sex, in this instance referring to your genitals, is a large part of you – some larger than others – and you should get to know that part of yourself. Many of us look at ourselves in the mirror every day. If you’re like my daughter you may look at yourself several times a day. There’s something about being able to visualize things that makes it more real and easier to value.  This applies to your genitals just as well as anything.

Your homework for the evening is to find some time to learn more about your genitals. Grab a mirror, spread your legs and see what exactly you’re working with.  If you’ve seen your genitals yet didn’t like what you saw, look again with a positive mindset. Think of all that your genitals do for you – gives and receives pleasure through multiple and various forms of stimulation; allows you to urinate and ejaculate, and much more. You may discover a pretty mole that you never knew existed. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most gorgeous genitals of all? You, that’s who! If you’re feeling extra adventurous consider using a speculum to inspect some internal parts as well such as the vagina, cervix, and rectum. No matter what your genitals look like, they’re yours. Embrace them. Love them. Get friendly with your genitals. Until next Saturday…

Keep It Safe ‘n Sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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