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Traditional and Insertive Condoms

Posted on Saturday, October 5, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays, UC Berkeley

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoWhen I decided to write a weekly blog I made a list of topics to write about. Although today’s topic has been on the list from the very beginning, I didn’t have the proper motivation to actually write it until now.  The topic is traditional and insertive condoms and why I use these terms.  Several years ago I decided to stop referring to condoms as male and female. This change in terminology came about for a few reasons with the most important being that I think there is way too much “gendering” that happens in American culture. Have you ever stopped to think about this? Nearly everything is gendered from babies in utero to professions, academic majors and even material items and objects. As a person who strives to be sex positive and inclusive, I recognize the potential harm associated with the gendering process. Furthermore, I think gendering material items is absolutely ridiculous especially when it comes to condoms.

While traditional condoms, commonly referred to as male condoms, are more likely to be worn on a penis, they may be worn on aSS traditional and insertive condoms phallic object such as a dildo or vibrator as well. Let me put it another way: traditional condoms are often used by women to cover sex toys for solo or partnered sex without the presence of a male.  Additionally, people can and do use traditional condoms for sexual experiences with women, men, and transgender people. As such, thinking of this condom as a male condom is limiting and close minded.  For this reason, I prefer to use the much more inclusive term: traditional condom.

Interestingly, when I was working at Planned Parenthood back in 2005-2007 I heard the insertive condom was originally designed for use with gay men for anal sex. As a result of poor sales the insertive condom was taken off the market.  Some brilliant marketing exec had the idea to rename this condom the Female condom using the brand name “Reality” and put it back on the market. In preparation for this article I did a bit of research and could not find anything supporting this. However, it makes perfect sense.

The insertive condom is intended to be inserted into the vagina for penetration by a penis or phallic object. Yet, it can also beSS traditional and insertive condoms 2 inserted in the rectum for protective anal sex with a penis or sex toy. Given the ability to insert this type of condom into both the vagina and/or rectum, it makes perfect sense to call it the insertive condom. Guess what? The last time I checked most women, men, transgender, and intersex people have anuses.  Score one more for referring to this condom as an insertive condom!

At the beginning of this article I stated this topic has been on the list of topics to cover since the beginning of Sexy Saturdays, yet I was lacking the motivation to write it until now. So what happened to motivate me? I recently did a presentation on sexual health for a student group at UC Berkeley. Just before going out to do the presentation I was encouraged to check out the group’s website which rivals information on the University Health Services site without necessarily crediting us a source. So, I figured I’d better get this information out there before they do. I said some other things – like being trained to use “some, many, and most” – that will likely make it into one of their blogs. Hopefully, I’ll be properly credited.  If not, that’s fine because I learned this from San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) – though I did give them credit in my presentation.  Until next Saturday…

Keep It Safe and Sexy,

Robin, the Sex Goddess

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  1. observant says:

    The use of traditional and insertive lingo makes sense to me, also. I believe that you have just coined a new phase as relates to condoms.


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