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Dear Genitals…

Posted on Friday, February 21, 2014 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoIt’s February and love is in the air! Love for your genitals! I tried a new assignment this semester – I assigned my students the task of writing a letter to their genitals! You read right – a letter to their genitals. On the day we covered female reproductive anatomy and physiology I gave my San Ramon Valley College students an assignment to write a letter to their genitals. Several students erupted in laughter – mostly males – until one clever female student commented that the guys would likely have to do the same thing the following week when we covered male anatomy and physiology. I immediately confirmed that was the assignment.  The students expressed some concern over how awkward it would be to write such a letter as many of them have never thought of their genitals in this way, if at all.

Much to my surprise the student letters to their genitals were AMAZING! Many of the young women thanked their genitals for bringing so much pleasure to their lives. To this end several of them dedicated sections to or specifically cited their clitoris and the 8,000 nerve endings. Others thanked their genitals for the ability to have multiple orgasms and to give birth. One student wrote “I seriously don’t know how you’re so tiny and yet you can bring so many lives into this world.” One student even thanked her genitals for allowing her to “decorate” her vulva with piercings. Interesting and intriguing.

After reading the letters from the young women, I couldn’t wait to hear what the guys would write to their genitals.  They did not disappoint. Many of the males addressed their letters “Dear Dick” or “Dear Penis” and then continued with multiple penis puns throughout the letter. While the puns were amusing, they were cleverly used to make valid points. More than half of them thanked their genitals for not being female genitals specifically with regard to menstruating and giving birth.  Not as many male students commented on their ability to urinate while standing. However, when it was mentioned the guys were thanking their penis for allowing them to urinate Love letter“wherever [they] please.”

There are 2 student letters to their genitals that I have requested permission from the students to share the full letters. If they grant said permission, you’re in for a real treat. One letter addresses multiple issues including penis size stereotypes. This student wrote that he has “no idea why people say all Asians have small [penises] because obviously [he’d] been excluded from the stereotype.”  The other letter is written mostly about the role of hormones and how that relationship can be a bit tumultuous at times.  Intriguing I tell you!

After all students turned in this assignment, we discussed what it felt like to write a letter to their genitals. As expected, a few people felt it was just as awkward after writing the letter as they thought it’d be when I gave them the assignment.  The majority of the students enjoyed the assignment. They commented that it was fun and thought-provoking as many of them never though t about their genitals beyond urinating and having sex.   If you have never written a letter to your genitals you may want to seriously consider it. You may learn more about your genitals than you think. Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe and sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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