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Timing of Sexual Debuts and Your Health

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2014 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoI was recently invited to speak in my UC Berkeley co-worker, Sarah Gamble’s, Public Health (PH) 14 class on sexual debuts.  Presenting this topic is not new to me. Nor is writing on this topic – last year I dedicated Sexy Saturdays for the entire month of March to various sexual debuts. However, I was amazed with some of the information that I found when prepping for the talk. Generally when I’m asked to talk about sexual debuts it is about why I use the phrase “sexual debuts” as opposed to talking about losing “virginity,” the types of sexual debuts, and average age of various debuts.  These talks also include a few slides on the relationship status at sexual debut and reason for engaging in said debut. You know the usual stuff. What made this talk so interesting to me was the added component of how sexual debuts may impact health. It was a simple addition, yet so interesting to research and then present to the PH 14 students.

What did I find that was so interesting? As shared in the Sexy Saturdays article, ­­­­­The First Time…, the average age at sexual debut in the US is 17 years old. I find it interesting that many people who have V cardtheir initial debuts earlier or later than the norm of 17 years old experience a range of health outcomes, many of which are negative.  According to the most recent results of the National Health and Social Life Survey, males and females who experience earlier sexual debuts are more likely to have more sexual partners as well as to engage in riskier sex including sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Needless to say, findings also show an increase in sexually transmitted infections among people who have earlier sexual debuts.

When looking at gender differences associated with earlier sexual debuts I found that males tend to deny their risk of HIV more than females and males who have later initial sexual debuts. Males also experience more difficulty with sexual functioning as far as arousal, erection, and orgasm as well as a general decline in health. I find that interesting because so many males are encouraged through social constructions to engage in sexual experiences fairly early into their teens. Does society secretly want young men to have sexual difficulty later in life? I’m sure pharmaceutical companies do, but the average male I’d like to believe thinks differently about this.  Early initial debuts was found to be associated with an increase in negative attitudes towards condoms for women.

What about gender differences of those who experience later initial sexual debuts?  Interestingly, males tend to show similar issues to the males who have earlier sexual debuts as far as sexual function is concerned.  According to this research, males are more likely to experience difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection to the point of orgasm if they have early or late initial sexual debuts. Women who experiences later sexual debuts were found to also have increased difficulty with sexual arousal. Both males and females who have later initial sexual debuts tend to have less experiences of sex under the influence of drugs and alcohol as well as less incidences of sexuallyED esque transmitted infections.

While the information shared up to this point has been interesting, the most interesting thing I found was that males who have their initial sexual debut after getting married, still experience an increase difficulty getting and keeping erections. In other words, it’s hard for guys to stay hard if their initial sexual debut was found to be earlier or later than the norm or after getting married.  Good luck, guys! This is one more reason I’m thankful for being a woman. Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe and sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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  1. observant says:

    From this article it appears that men should be faithful to their girlfriends, however women can have more sexual fun as long as they protect themselves, lol


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