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Self-Directed STI Testing Comes to Tang!

Posted on Friday, April 4, 2014 in Sexy Saturdays, UC Berkeley

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoDid you hook up with someone and now you’re not sure if you have an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)? Or has it been a while since your last STI check? If you’re answer is “yes” to either question posed you are in luck!!!! You can get tested for STIs at the Tang Center without scheduling an appointment. How? Using the new University Health Services, Tang Center Self-Directed STI Testing option, that’s how. We’ve been working on this new service for 3+ years and not it’s finally come to fruition. I, for one, am super excited about this new service and testing option!

Self-Directed STI Testing is available to all UC Berkeley students regardless of having enrolled in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  However, if you are hoping to use this new service you will need to have an eTang Portal email address, which can be setup online at your convenience. While there are many STIs that you could be exposed to the new self-directed testing option is limited to the following common tests and sample collections:

  1. HIV anti-body test using a blood sample SS STD image
  2. Chlamydia test using a urine sample
  3. Gonorrhea test using a urine sample

This new service is great for students who are at low-risk. Low-risk students include students who do not have any current physical symptoms. Is that you?  This service is not intended to replace medical appointments, but rather to serve as an additional screening tool for STIs.  This service is not recommended if you are experiencing any symptoms that may be associated with STIs such as a rash, itching, unusual discharge from the vagina or anus, or other common symptom. If you fall in this latter camp, I encourage you to schedule a medical appointment to be seen and obtain treatment, if necessary. I would also encourage you to schedule a Health and Wellness coaching appointment if you are not sure why you think you are at risk for an STI or if you would like information on how to prevent STIs in the future.  If you were the victim of a sexual assault or think you should get tested because you had sex while you were high or drunk and cannot recall if you used a condom or dental dam you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with our Social Services staff.

Right now could not be a better time to launch the University Health Services, Tang Center Self-Directed (STI) Testing as April is STD (sexually transmitted disease) Awareness Month! It is always a good idea to know your STI status, especially if you plan on being sexual with others. Happy testing!  Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe and sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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