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Gaining the power back

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2014 in Guest blogger, UC Berkeley

Shep_logo rainbow transparent How much have you heard about sexual assault prevention here on the UC Berkeley campus? Other than protecting yourself, do you know how to handle a situation that just feels off? If you are like me, the chances are that the only time someone has address the topic of sexual assault here on campus was when you had to complete the EmpowerU requirement your first semester in Berkeley. Now how many students can honestly say that they paid attention to the whole presentation and can reiterate the information?

Lucero sex assault


My thoughts regarding the current state of sexual assault prevention efforts on campus is that there is a lot more that can be done. It feels like the students only hear of sexual assault when it is already too late and someone close to them or themselves have been affected. Do the students understand which resources and the process of a sexual assault case go through here on campus? I know the resources on campus but it’s sad to hear that the majority of students are not that lucky. I would like to see more efforts done to prevent sexual assault. I understand that April is sexual assault month but how many know this?

Both of my experience with EmpowerU were informative and beneficial. Not only did I relearn the steps to prevent sexual assault for myself but for others. The workshops still has the same effect on me even though it has been little over a year. The videos used throughout the presentation are impacting and explicit show the signs of someone in trouble. The other videos shows how anyone can be affected by sexual assault and it empowers others to speak out for there are others who can relate.

The EmpowerU video will impact the campus positively for the video will be available for anyone to review and access. We are living in a technology based society, where social medias are spreading messages and information. Social medias reach more students faster and also has the benefit of reaching other people in the world. The new EmpowerU video has the capacity to inform various students on sexual assault and how to take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening.

One thing that I personally will do to prevent sexual assaults is by spreading the word. I will making myself available for anyone that wishes to talk and I can also host workshops at the resident halls as part of spreading the word. By participation in events throughout the month of April where I can ask others to join me in bring awareness on the issues that surround us. To create a safe community where the sexual assault can be addressed and resources provided will be the best way to spread the word among our society. Together we can bring power to our voices. Lucero for grp blog

“Lustful” Lucero, UC Berkeley SEXpert


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