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National Orgasm Day is Cumming!

Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2014 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logo“Oh, Oh, OOH, YES!!!!” It’s almost National Orgasm Day! The exact date is a bit elusive with many sites reporting different dates. However, I have been able to discern that it will be sometime at the end of July; possibly on the 30th or 31st. So, let’s just call it National Orgasm Week! I know I’d rather celebrate orgasms for a full week vs one day.

National Orgasm Day – whenever it is – is a great day to pleasure yourself and/or your partner(s) over and over again. If one day/week is not enough not to worry  as there are multiple orgasm awareness days throughout the year including female orgasm day, World Orgasm Day, and International Orgasm Day. But really who needs an awareness day to celebrate orgasms!?! I certainly don’t.

Orgasms are one of my favorite topics to present. I tend to get excited just talking about orgasms and how wonderful they can be.  Just kidding – or am I? I’ve written about orgasms a couple of times this past year or so.  During finals season I wrote about 5 health benefits of sex and orgasm in “Stop Stressing with More Safer Sexing.” For those who are not quite sure if they have ever experienced an orgasm I wrote “The Elusive O.” Additionally, the latter blog article describes various types of orgasms as well as provides tips on how to have one.

National-Orgasm-DayGoodness, whatever shall I share today in light of National Orgasm Week? I thought it’d be fun to look at some world records involving orgasms. Unfortunately, the Guinness Book of World Records does not collect information on orgasms. As such, I had to be a bit more creative and scoured eBaum’s world, Masturbate-a-thon records and more to find some interesting and fun facts about orgasm related records.  Here’s what I found with regard to interesting orgasm related records according to eBaum’s world:

  • The most ejaculatory orgasms ever recorded in 1 hour for a man is 16.
  • The farthest a woman has been recorded to ejaculate is about 9’29” (3 m). – Are you jealous women? I am a little bit.
  • The greatest distance attained for a jet of semen that has ever been recorded is 18’9″ (5.71 m) which was achieved with a “substantial” amount of seminal fluid by Horst Schultz.
  • The average speed of a man’s ejaculation is 28 miles (45.05 km) per hour. The average speed of a city bus is 25 miles (40.22 km) per hour.  – Okay, I knew about the speed of ejaculation. However, I explain it a little different. I usually tell people that if a guy were to ejaculate and I started to run in the same direction the ejaculate would hit the target destination well before I would. That always gets a laugh from people. Yet also puts into perspective why it is super important to leave room at the tip of traditional condoms.
  • Having swallowed the most amount of semen ever officially recorded Michelle Monaghan had 1.7 pints (0.96 liter) of semen pumped out of her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991.
  • Women hold the record for having the most orgasms. The biggest amount of orgasms enjoyed by a woman in 1 hour ever recorded is a pussy shattering 134! However, a more recent report shows this record was shattered by a woman participating in the masturbate-a-thon in Denmark in 2009 with an awe-inspiring 222 orgasms. This was reported to have happened in 1 sitting – I wonder how long that sitting was!?!

That’s going to do it for today. I’m off to try to set my own orgasm record. Until next time…

Keep it safe and sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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Bring on the comments

  1. Daysha says:

    I would be so tired if I came 222 times in one hour.

  2. Observant says:

    A female was on ‘Sex Sent me to ER” recently that was having multiple orgasms, and I felt so very sorry for her. Not sure, how long it lasted hours for sure. Never thought that could happen, but definitely do not want to experience it.


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