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May 4

Rape Lyrics: Rick Ross Isn’t the Only One

Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess LogoWelcome to another Sexy Saturday! I moved last weekend and spent this past week cleaning out my old place. To make things go faster, I listened to a variety of music stations. Some stations I listened to live while others I listened to through my “I <3 radio” app. I had about 7 go to, hip-hop and R&B stations. Apparently I had a trigger song as well. Every time this song came on that was my queue to change the station. This must be a popular song because I changed stations a lot. The song is How Many Drinks by R&B artist, Miguel. I know some of you are thinking “Oh, that’s my song!” That’s fine, the song has a great beat, but I encourage you to listen more closely to the words the next time you hear the song.

In the first verse of this song, Miguel is already heading in the wrong direction when he sings “frustration watching you dance, invitation to get in them pants.” Just because someone is dancing in such a way that turns you on does not in any way mean that person wants to have sex with you. Dancing is just dancing and should not be taken as an invitation to do anything more. The chorus opens with him being honest about the fact that he “aint leavin’ alone.” Well, gee, thanks for your honesty. A few short lines later heSS18 Miguel article asks “how many drinks would it take for you to leave with me?”  Wow! Really? Where is Miguel from? I certainly hope he’s not from California because it’s illegal to get people drunk and have sex with them as you imply here in your song lyrics. In California that is considered rape.

From there the song gets rude and condescending. But it has a slow and sexy beat so some may not notice the lyrics. If they do, maybe they aren’t thinking about what the lyrics mean.  That’s what I have to tell myself because clearly Miguel went to the club with the idea of finding someone to take home for sexual purposes. Instead of relying on his personality and good looks, he chooses to ply the person with drinks until they “decide” to go home with him. I’ve never seen him – is he not that good looking?

As you can see, this song really irks me. People were so upset with Rick Ross over his song where he raps about drugging females and having sex with them that he lost his Reebok endorsement. Well, Miguel’s song is the exact same thing. Only his drug of choice was alcohol. By the amount of times I had to change stations because of this song, I can only imagine that it is quickly climbing the music charts. I’m not defending Rick Ross, I think Miguel, Webbie and a few others who’ve rapped or sang about raping people should be treated similarly and have endorsements taken away. No one should be rewarded for bad behavior. However, people apparently use alcohol as a tool to obtain sex so regularly that few others have recognized this song as contributing to rape culture. But rather listen, and dance whenever it is played.

I’m not calling for a boycott of anyone’s music. Listen, dance, hell sing a long if you feel so inclined. I do, however, think it’d be freaking awesome if people would listen more closely to some of the popular song lyrics and think about the impact the messages have. I’m just saying. Until next Saturday…

Keep it safe ‘n sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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