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Jul 20

The Elusive “O”

Posted on Saturday, July 20, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess logoHave you ever had a great sexual experience but found yourself wondering if you had an orgasm? If so, this Sexy Saturday’s article is for you.  First, I have to tell you there are various orgasms recognized. For example Sigmund Freud believed women could only experience orgasms vaginally or in our clitoris. He also thought that mature women preferred vaginal orgasms to clitoral. He’d think I am incredibly immature because I prefer any orgasm I’m having.

Some people agree with Freud that there are 2 types of female orgasms, others believe in only one type of orgasm, and still others think multiple types of orgasms are possible. I believe in one basic orgasm caused by different types of stimulation.  As a result, orgasms feel more intense in the area where the stimulation is focused. In general the majority of orgasms are pleasurable contractions in the uterus, pelvic muscles, and anal sphincters that occur rapidly. Orgasms also include muscle spasms or tensing all over your body, with an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.  Such orgasmic sensations may be focused either directly or indirectly on clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, or any combination of these.

Direct clitoral orgasms feel like rapid contractions radiating from the clitoris. You can achieve this type of orgasm by stimulating the glans, or head, of the clitoris. You’ll find the glans just under the clitoral hood. As you get aroused the clitoral hood will slide back, revealing the head of the clitoris. Clits respond to various types of stimulation. You and your partner can have fun trying different types of pressure, motion, and methods. Toys can be a super fun addition!

Indirect clitoral orgasms often feel like rapid contractions spreading from inside the vagina. The clitoris is more than the part youSS 29 Clit parts can see. It extends inside the body with legs that can be stimulated with vaginal penetration. By stimulating the legs of the clitoris, the clitoris itself may be indirectly stimulated to orgasm. If this is the type or orgasm you’re going for, try penetrating the vagina with a penis, dildo, vibrator, or some other hard phallic object. Alternating motion may help.

G-spot orgasms are often felt as rapid contractions deeper in the vagina and may be accompanied by female ejaculatory fluid – you may have heard of it. There is some controversy over whether the “g-spot” really exists. I assure you my g-spot exists. I believe your g-spot exists as well; you may just need a little help finding and stimulating yours. If you or your partner insert a finger about 1-2 knuckles into your vagina, facing toward the belly you’ll feel tissue that is a bit harder and ridged, kind of like the roof of your mouth. Congrats, you’ve found the g-spot! Stimulate this area using that cheesy “come here” 2-finger wave. After several minutes of continued stimulation you may feel as if you’re going to urinate before experiencing female ejaculation. 

Combo orgasm can be any combination of the orgasms just described. To achieve this type of orgasm you’ll need to stimulate multiple areas at the same time. It may be easier to have a g-spot and indirect clitoral orgasm because the vagina and g-spot can be easily stimulated simultaneously.  However, ladies, it may be worth it to mention that several sex toys are designed to stimulate multiple areas of your pleasure zone simultaneously for as long as you’d like.  

The degree of intensity that we feel with each orgasm varies.  I totally also believe that because we’re awesome, many women have the ability to have any of the orgasms described over and over and over. You may have one huge earth moving orgasm with mild aftershocks. You may have a series of smaller orgasms leading up to a larger orgasm. You may have 1 orgasm.  Best of all – you can experience all of these orgasms solo or with a partner! I hope this helps you achieve that elusive orgasm and know it. Until next Saturday…

 Keep it safe ‘n sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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May 18

Wetter is Better!

Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2013 in Sexy Saturdays, UC Berkeley

Ms. Robin, Sex Goddess LogoContrary to popular belief lubricants (lube) are not just for female bodied people. Although lube is a great liquid supplement for natural vaginal lubrication, any sexually active person can enjoy the benefits of lube.  Here are three reasons to add lube to your repertoire of sexy tools:

1. Lube increases sensation when practicing safer sex with barrier methods such as condoms and dental dams. Anytime you or your partner wear a condom, dental dam, glove, etc. you experience less sensation because the latex – or whatever material your method is made of – creates a barrier between your body and theirs. This barrier adds an extra layer between the two of you thus reducing the sensations you would feel having raw, unprotected sex.

2. Lube increases the durability of your safer sex barrier method. This is pretty hot! Lube helps to reduce friction during sexual play. If you’re not quite sure what friction is, put your hands together and start rubbing. Gain speed as you rub.  The more and faster you rub you’ll notice heat being created. Many of you will also notice that your hands are getting a bit sticky from the sweat the heat is creating. What you are experiencing is very much like friction. When condoms experience friction they are likely to rip or tear. Lube helps to keep things feeling slippery during friction, reducing the risk of tearing.  

3. Lube can be added to any body part, or toy for more pleasurable sensation.  For example, lube can be added to your genitals or fingers to make masturbation feel better. You can also put lube on your hand to make hand-jobs more pleasurable.  I don’t know about you, but my arm gets tired rather quickly and if lube can help me, I’m all for it!

Before you go making everything slippery there’s a bit more information you should know. There are 3 main types of lube: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based.  Some lubes may be better than others based on the site of penetration or safer sex materialss20 wetter better being used. For example, a thick water-based lube would be great for protected anal sex. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of lube.

Water-based lube is cheap and widely available in sexually oriented businesses, grocery stores, and local pharmacies such as Walgreen’s or CVS. It is safe to use with latex barriers and all sex toys. This lube tends to become sticky when it starts to dry, but can be rejuvenated by adding a few drops of water.

Silicone-based lube is often more expensive than water-based. Silicone has a feeling that is similar to oil in that it is thin and quite slippery. Silicone-based lube can be used with various materials such as latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene and more. However, you have to be careful when using silicone lube with silicone based sex toys as it may deteriorate your toy. As a general rule, I just wouldn’t use the two together.

Oil-based lube is great because it is extra slippery! However, oil-based lubes should not be used with latex barriers, as it can deteriorate the material.  

My last bit of information on this topic is that lube is available in various consistencies including liquid, gel, lotion, and more! However, regardless of the type of lube or preferred consistency, it is a good idea to check for the presence of glycerin or other sugars as they may irritate the vagina or anus. Some folks are more sensitive to this than others. If you’re a current Cal student, stop by the health Promotion office in Tang to pick up free water or silicone-based lube samples. If you’re not a Cal student, check out the sexy aisle on your next trip to the grocery store or pharmacy. Either way, wetter is better! Until next Saturday…

 Keep it safe ‘n sexy,

Ms. Robin, the Sex Goddess

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